Reveals the "pot of gold" Within YOUR Planetary Cycles

8 Phases of the Moon Cycle

8 Phases of the Moon Cycle

Next week we begin another Moon cycle which always begins with the New Moon phase.

February 18th is the New Moon in Pisces, and the New Moon Gathering meets the night before, Tuesday, February 17th at 7:00 p.m. MST at Rae’s home in the community of Braeside, Calgary, AB.

Every month Gathering members bring their respective natal charts (which they receive the first time they attend by contacting Rae prior, with their birth data: time, place and date of birth). Each member is given a blank New Moon Cycle handout at the Gathering, and during the course of the next 2 hours, fill in the blanks of the coordinates of each of the 8 phases of that particular Moon cycle.

Each Moon phase zeros in on a certain degree of a certain sign, and Rae ensures each member knows specifically which House those Moon phases activate in their respective charts throughout the month.

At the succeeding New Moon Gathering we review where each member was at the previous New Moon phase, then check out the current New Moon cycle and phases, sharing key stories and AHA! moments along the way.

Everyone who has joined in on one of Rae’s New Moon Gatherings over the past 4 years has learned to gain more insight about themselves AND to trust their own individual way of intuiting their own choices and next steps on a daily basis. Each Moon cycle brings with it a new theme, or central Soul growth potential, and it is up to each of us to become consciously aware of what we are “growing through”. Interestingly, as each year passes and we revisit the signs once again, we all ‘see’ better coping skills compared to how we were operating the year before!

New Moon Cycle Form by Rainbows and Astrology

New Moon Cycle Form by Rainbows and Astrology

There will be months where Mercury is Rx (Retrograde) or we experience eclipses, comets, equinoxes or solstices along with a New Moon cycle. These are key months of HUGE growth potential (and everyone receives handouts about these occurrences to refer back to).

Gathering members choose to join in personally, in Calgary, via Skype from outside Calgary, or order their respective New Moon report via email. Rae will fill in the New Moon form for those ordering it, and will send you the form and a written synopsis of that particular Moon cycle’s theme, all in relation to YOUR natal chart.

First time members must contact Rae at least 3 days ahead of attending the actual Gathering with their birth details to ensure they receive their chart and respective handouts. For those of you who do NOT know your actual birth time, contact Rae and she will help you find out without an additional cost.

Cost is $30 CAD via cash or e-transfer each month. Think of it as receiving a monthly mini-Astrology reading with clues to what is coming up for you, emotionally, in the month ahead.

If you are interested in joining us next week, call Rae at 587-353-8085 or email at RainbowsAstro at (you know what to do with the ‘at’!)

Full Moon in Leo Feb 3 2015

Full Moon in Leo Feb 3 2015

Posted by: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Facilitator


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