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1st QTR Moon in Scorpio…

DSC04657Since August 10th (Wednesday) at 12:22p MDT we’ve been encountering some aspect of our Inner Self that has been in hiding, deeply, in the dark, somewhere. Scorpio, of the three water signs, represents ICE.

The New Moon in Leo, begun August 2nd, brings us to the HEART of things.

Something, within the Heart, has been hiding in the Dark all this time. Could be more than just this lifetime. Frozen in Time (Scorpio emotional fear, transformed into Ice) there is something to BE moved, melted away, by the Power of Love.

Love yourself through whatever it is this 1st QTR Moon phase brings, after catching a glimpse of whatever it was peeking out from the Dark during the Crescent Moon phase (August 6th). Each Moon phase brings us closer to something that has been hiding away in the Dark. By the Light of the Full Moon we shall ‘see’, fully, it Illuminated, to be healed, loved, let go of and yet embraced. Any pieces of our Ego-Self/Shadow Self that we try to negate, punish, push away, deny and not allow to be part of the party of US, they become shards of glass, constantly creating uncomfortableness about SELF from SELF.


Sunset & Storm Clouds 2016

This Moon phase of the 1st QTR Moon, where we now ‘see’ half of its Light (!) brings us to a decision: what ACTION must I take, now, that allows me to walk through my fear(s) (Scorpio) of BEing heartfully and fully IN my heart (Leo) to LET GO of some piece of my Ego-Self that was hanging desperately TO that Darkness/Shadow side? What is it I need to heal, via love, to melt that piece that was Frozen in Time, emotionally, that now is a shard/blockage from BEing fully IN  my heart? BE HEART?

Allow yourself to first ‘see’ what this might be. Sit with it, breathe with it, feel it. Acknowledge it. Allow yourself to ‘see’ your Shadow Self in the mirror. What does he/she need from you now? What needs to be said, felt, forgiven? Heartfully so?

Now, after doing all of this, can you EMBRACE your Shadow Self, even a wee bit, with Love and Acceptance? Look deeply into his/her eyes even? That which we disregard/ignore/shun follows us, always. And becomes Bigger, Louder, sometimes seemingly uglier. We make it feel ugly by ignoring this part of Self. ALL of Self is Self! The Dark and the Light. Both need to be Loved equally well.

We are ALL of the Light, we are ALL Spiritual Beings of Love. BE that Love Within yourself, For yourself. Always, in All Ways.This is what we are all being asked to ‘see’, forgive, embrace and BE, now.

Walk out the door of whatever emotional prison you’ve had yourself in, be it from this lifetime/other lifetimes. Could be a common thread that ‘feels’ beyond this lifetime. Allow yourself to open up your Heart (Leo) to the fun, joy, creativity, leadership, romance, Inner Child innocence of Life, now, in THIS lifetime. BE that Life, for YOUR Life.


Sheep River Villas, Okotoks 2016

Each 1st QTR Moon phase of each Moon cycle brings us this golden opportunity to EMBRACE the Light version of Self. AND, embrace the Dark version of Self. To Love this Shadow side we’ve been running away from (for some, quite literally!) for lifetimes. It will seem like a CRISIS of some sort – a CHOICE is to be made – Do I DO what I’ve always done in this scenario, or DO I choose Heart instead, now? This is the STRUGGLE we underwent during the Crescent Moon phase in Virgo (@ 29 degrees – ending a cycle!). Virgo wants and even DEMANDS Perfection! That’s part of the Old Age of Pisces (Virgo is Pisces’ opposite sign) – time to let that one go too.

The Paradox is: You are already Perfect. Truly. You are. Take a look, Within, ‘see’ your Perfection, love it, embrace it. BE it. ALLOW it.

Interestingly, LEO is the New of Aquarius’ opposite sign…to LIVE in this New Age, we MUST have HEART!

PS: I mistakenly (even after several reviews!) wrote in the 1st paragraph of yesterday’s post re: Mercury Rx – ‘August 21st’ rather than ‘August 31st’! What can I say…typical Mercury Rx…I looked, but I did not ‘see’! LOL! Thank you!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Numerologist | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff


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