Reveals the "pot of gold" Within YOUR Planetary Cycles

ABOUT Laurie Rae

Nanaimo Harbour, Vancouver, BC

Nanaimo Harbour, Vancouver Island, BC

I began my deep study of Astrology here in Calgary in January 2000, my interest to do so triggered during my own Uranus Opposition (aka MidLife Awareness timing – a planetary cycle we ALL undergo at some point between the ages of 38 and 45). I always somehow “knew” about Astrology since my earliest memories – that there was MORE to it than what we read in the magazines and newspapers. I was right!

With 16 years of on-going study of Astrology, I’ve been reading charts for over 14 years – for mothers/fathers, their children, business-owners, truth-seekers, couples, and students – all curious about their own Self/Soul growth journey. Locally, nationally and internationally. I love how Astrology is a natural tool made up of a combination of spiritual, psychological and practical information, insights and AHA! moments that help assist anyone through the more challenging timings of their life.

The continuing theme I bring forth for my clients and students are the planetary cycles.  Their energetic timing always seem to explain the WHY of our past, and current, challenges we journey through towards spiritual maturity, aka our Life/Soul Lessons. Interestingly, we ALL undergo the same planetary cycles, in our own timing! See my About Astrology! page for more details of each cycle. Then check out my Readings Offered page for the types of readings I offer.

Since returning to Calgary from Vancouver Island in 2013, I continue to offer personal, business, relationship, fertility planning, planetary returns and children’s Astrology readings, multi-level Astrology classes, monthly Moon Cycle reports, and the Numerology reports that show how your name energetically attracts life lessons too. I am excited to share my knowledge of Astrology and Numerology with all of you, to assist your connection with BOTH the Shadow AND Lighter aspects of YOU, deep within.

Planetary Assistance

Planetary Assistance

If you are interested in learning more about YOUR “pot of gold” in this Soul journey, call me for a reading, or start with the monthly Moon Cycle report to see how Astrology works WITH the planetary cycles of your life. For those stimulated and curious to learn Astrology, I run classes when the student appears.

CONTACT Laurie Rae Rezanoff for more information and details:

1 (587) 353-8085 in North America

or via email: RainbowsAstro at (you know what to do with the ‘at’!)

New Moon / Solar Eclipse September 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse September 2015



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  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I look forward to many interesting posts


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