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New Moon in Aquarius: Innovating

dsc05288Hi All! The last Moon cycle was quite a ride with Mercury Rx (Retrograde) bringing forth much-needed goal-setting changes of mindsets! Talk about having a month’s worth of New Year’s Resolutions to sort through! LOL!

The current Moon cycle began with the New Moon phase on January 27th at 5:08pm MST at the following astrological coordinates: 08 degrees of Aquarius 15′ (think of these coordinates as cosmic longitude to navigate within your Birth Chart!). Here BOTH the Moon and Sun sat together at the same place in time, initiating yet another new cycle of something NEW this way comes!

Aquarius is the fixed air sign, signifying originality, innovation, community, and truly standing IN your True Self orientation! And if you’re not quite sure what your True Self is all about, keep watching, listening, feeling and intuiting yourself this full Moon cycle to gain insights about yourself!

Aquarius brings forth our Future Self into the NOW, with all her/his bright and original ideas! So if you’re inspired to explore, talk and/or write about some aspect of you, your life, or how you’d like your life to now BE, this is the Moon cycle to share it within your community of peeps.

dsc05324Each Moon cycle brings forth inner awareness, consciously, to the surface. What is hidden within the dark moments of the New Moon is some aspect of your Ego-mind Self that doesn’t want to BE in the Light (conscious) before now. Each Moon cycle brings themes, via the astrological sign it is in, and the connections the Moon/Sun make to the other planets in our solar system, at the moment of the New Moon phase – always the new beginning after the ending of the previous Moon cycle.

Aquarius, within the natural wheel of Astrology, rules the 11th House – what wishes and dreams do you have for your near future? Who are the people in your life supporting those dreams and who are not? What ‘community’ are you joining to those ends? As in groups, memberships, circle of friends and colleagues? Look around you to ‘see’ the outer mirror reflected back to you – namely the people in your life. They represent YOU in the outer world, a reflection of YOUR inner world/connection of your True Self. Cool!

Looking at this New Moon cycle’s chart I see the following connections between the Moon/Sun and:

  • The North Node in the mutable earth sign of Virgo, Rx: here we have some old patterns of conditioning that need to be let go of at some point this Moon cycle in order to embrace the forward-moving direction our Souls wish us to move into re: being of service (aka work, volunteering, hobbies) out in our respective worlds. Watch out for that perfectionism/procrastination distraction that the Ego-mind Self can get caught up in to avoid change in your life! The Rx (Retrograde) signifies something deeply personal – we take it personally – until the charge of whatever it is we need to let go of is healed and let go of.
  • The Part of Fortune – our Joy: this sensitive point is in the fixed fire sign of Leo. Here our Joy is about the fun and play of Creativity, being that innocent nature child, creating just for the fun of it! Leo also rules the heart and back – heartfully, do you have your back? As in are you supporting yourself in your Joy? Do you know what Joy feels like? The connection with the Moon/Sun this cycle is an opposition whereby we can continue to be polarized between being fixed on MY innovations OR being fixed in creating what I WANT! How about creating an ‘AND’ here? BE innovative and original (Aquarius) AND creative WITH others? As in your community. And this goes way beyond art folks! How are you creating community, with laughter, fun and play, in your world?

dsc05342Interestingly, this New Moon doesn’t make any other direct connections with any of the other planets. The Cardinal Grand Square formation of planets within the 4 cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) is still in play! Here are the characters initiating much-needed CHANGE in your life:

  • Uranus + Eris in the cardinal fire sign of Aries: at 20 and 22 degrees of Aries – Unexpected Change to typical gender roles continues. Our inner Warrior and Pioneer selves are still undergoing major transformation – drinking from that cup of Courage (Aries) to BE authentic within your own body! As in being comfortable in your own skin! BE YOU! No matter the gender – be YOU! Uniqueness in this world IS the goal. Not to be feared or hidden away. Doing so brings forth the need for addictions, distractions and such from our Ego-mind Self to keep it all in the fear frame, to be hidden away. Why? What’s so scary about BEing You anyway? Truly. And being in a woman’s body or man’s body doesn’t mean either gender is Less Than…and it never has. Yet another myth to be dispelled, which both Eris and Uranus have been dancing together about since 2012 especially!
  • Vesta in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, Rx: at 25 degrees of Cancer – here the feeling body (ruled by the Moon!) brings forth a concentrated focus on how you feel those emotions, take notice of your intuition, and whatever symbolism and insights that complete the picture of your Inner Life. Live from the Inside-Out! BE the feeling body you truly are – stop running away from feeling those feelings! Make peace with your Ego-mind Self’s need to do that Flight or Fight regimen that no longer gains us anything (unless of course we are in the middle of some real danger, then yes please – run!). Perceived danger is different from real danger. If your physical life isn’t about to be taken – then what are you running away from? Ask that Ego-mind Self, “What ARE you afraid of here? How can I help? What do you need to feel safe?” Cancer also brings forth issues of our family of origin, Mom, mothering and nurturance. How well have you been nurturing/loving You? Hhhhmmm….
  • Jupiter in the cardinal air sign of Libra: at 23 degrees of Libra – here we are being called to EXPAND our realm of relationships and partnerships beyond current boundaries we’ve set up since who knows how long. Could be you decide to end some relationships – or at least change them – because they haven’t been working for you or with you for some time now. Could be some are co-dependency rather than inter-dependent or intra-dependent? Interesting to delve into and ‘see’ the reality of them now. Libra is an air sign – so journal, chat and think about it all.
  • Pluto + Mercury in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn: at 17 and 15 degrees of Capricorn – we are still undergoing a HUGE transformation, mindfully, of how we set goals towards our respective material gain in the world. Via career, work, volunteering – whatever it is that has you out and about in the world to gain materially, literally, physically. Any earth sign means being tactile, hands-on and wanting to SEE the fruits of our labours! In current society, “Money, Money, Money!” For those of us struggling with continued unemployment, what used to be very important is not anymore. Keeping up with the Jones’s (who were they again?) or what others think (!) isn’t necessary, and never was. BEing unemployed for long periods of time is humbling, bringing forth resourcefulness and thinking outside the box in order to survive and thrive despite money hardships (aka debt). Allow this transformation to continue – you will see changes in mindsets here, continuing this Moon cycle (we started it around the last Full Moon). And when the Ego-mind Self gets in the way, you’ll see power and control issues coming forth! The best outcome is EMPOWERMENT – self and others create a ‘win-win’ for all! Which is what Capricorn wants!

Check out these cosmic longitude coordinates within your birth chart to see what 4 areas of your life are being renewed with NEW initiatives since the last Full Moon! Interesting how we continue to work out strategies for ourselves from one Moon cycle to the next.

dsc05321Saturn + Vertex + Juno are all together in the late degrees of Sagittarius (24, 25 and 28, respectively). Here we are seeking our Higher Truth via how our lives are structured (Saturn), fateful/destined events/people in our lives (Vertex) and truly envisioning relationships/partnerships of equality (Juno). Sagittarius beckons us to stand on our Hill of Now, look back to where we’ve been, contemplate how we’ve arrived into the NOW, then turn to face our Future Hills of Now – which Hill or Hills are beckoning you forward into new territory and journeys? What IS True for You? Truly. Authentic. Original. Innovative. Bring ALL of these aspects of You to the table this Moon cycle. BE all that you can BE!

Today, the Crescent Moon cycle begins at 9:30a MST at 27 degrees of Pisces 00′ – mutable water – showing a wee bit of Light shining into that unconscious Darkness I spoke of earlier. What is it that your Ego-mind Self is afraid to have uncovered this Moon cycle? The Crescent Moon phase means there will be a struggle between the OLD and the NEW. Something old is dying, emotionally, Within you. Will you allow it to or will you hold onto it a while longer? Pisces brings forth any issues of that Drama Triangle (victim or rescuer or persecution) that we may be hanging onto. Find the House where Pisces resides in your birth chart to know where this “victimhood, I want to be rescued! And I feel persecuted / bullied” mindset of the Ego comes into play in your world. That “o woe is me” tape.

dsc05367Also today (!) Venus regains her Crown of Authority at 28 degrees of Pisces too! The Crown chakra indicates our connection to the Divine, our Spiritual self or Higher Self, angels, God – whatever your spiritual beliefs are – here we regain that connection in a totally renewed way! Venus represents our Desire Body – what do you truly desire, spiritually, for yourself now?

You know where I am if you’re curious to unearth the mystery of your Inner Self via Astrology!

Call me: 1-587-353-8085 in Calgary, AB Canada to begin your Inner Journey today!

Or email: RainbowsAstro ‘at’

Blessed BE and Namaste!

Written by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Writer | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – incredible sunrises so far this year of 2017! Plus the skating rink in Okotoks! Cool logs to sit on to tie up your skates from


And A Note About Virgo…

To add to what I already posted today…

“You don’t become a mistake just because you have made one!”

– Author Unknown

If this isn’t about Virgo and Perfectionism, I don’t know what is! And how the Ego-Self can use making mistakes against itself, to spiral downward into that Drama Triangle of victim-rescue me-I feel persecuted….

As you ‘see’ the Virgo perfectionism issue(s) that have been brought up and about within you through the North Node in opposition to the South Node + Neptune in Pisces during this Moon cycle and ‘Neptunian November’ – can you create an ‘AND’ here?

No longer either/or – together, can you let go of that Drama Triangle and all those addictive, escapist ways and means of habits that have been keeping you small, unworthy, insignificant (victim-thinking and feeling) AND let go of the need for Perfectionism/Procrastination – AND live your life in the here and now? As the beautiful Spiritual BEing you already are?

For those of us who were born under the Pisces/Virgo Sun or Moon or Rising Sign AND for those of us who were born under the Gemini/Sagittarius Sun or Moon or Rising Sign – this Moon cycle AND ‘Neptunian November’ has been truly LOUD to get our attention about HOW we’ve been living our life, until now, with those bits and pieces of unresolved past life issues that dovetail with all of the above (and what I posted previous to this post). Finally – whew!

Gemini + Virgo + Sagittarius + Pisces have one thing in common: we are all mutable Zodiac signs, meaning we can ‘go with the flow’ AND get lost! Especially if we keep listening to others’ and take that action rather than listen to ourselves, our intuition as to what action is true for us. This doesn’t mean talking to others is not okay – it means DISCERNMENT is required along the way so that we don’t “get lost” and out to sea wondering “Where is MY life in all of this?”.

Next steps? Know what it is you are releasing – take off those rose-coloured glasses (and there could be more than one set you’re wearing!) of the Magic, Movies and Illusion that is Neptune/Pisces – what have you been deluding yourself about that rests with what your Ego-mind/Self needed to control and BE within in order to live in this world? Acknowledge what it is, finally, that you need to Let Go Of.

Love yourself, Within and Without, Ego-Self and True Self as one, be honest about it. Face it, walk through the pain and tears and FORGIVE. Then Love yourself, hug yourself and hand off those glasses (how many pairs are you letting go here?) to God, your Angels – whomever you know to be that Higher Power of Light, and take the next baby step forward – INto your renewed, truer life.

“What will it take for me, now, to live my true life, authentically and honestly, for now on? What will it take?”


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Gibbous Moon in Capricorn…And YOD Activation…

Mt Lorette PondsToday at 12:11p the Moon moves into the Gibbous Moon phase, at 07 degrees Capricorn 22′. By this time of the Moon cycle we are evaluating our Inner Growth progress/process – what do you CONSCIOUSLY know about yourself that you didn’t before, since the August 2nd New Moon in Leo? Heartfully, where are you?

Capricorn brings us to a cross-roads of sorts: do I stay the course I have been on OR do I head upon a higher, more challenging, yet fulfilling pathway? Where are you at? What Higher Ambition are you seeking for further Inner Fulfillment?

Capricorn asks us to set forth some goals towards long-term plans that may not show fruition soon. Can you stay the course? Do you have faith and the wisdom to commit? And there is that portion of Capricorn that looks for the material gain here – what will you be GAINING if you stay where you are vs. moving higher up along a new path?

The other item of note today: At the New Moon there was a YOD, or Finger of God formation pointing directly at the Moon/Sun position in Leo August 2nd. The two planets that create the base of this formation are:

  • Pluto, Rx (retrograde) at 15 degrees Capricorn – the Great Transformer of all things power/control/greed into EMPOWERMENT for Self and Others – aka a win-win situation all the way round. Pluto comes by to peel back the carpet of whatever our Ego/brain has been hiding underneath re: fears of moving forward, for whatever reason, excuse, piece of denial it can seek until this moment in time.
  • Neptune Rx at 11 degrees Pisces – She dissolves issues of illusion/delusion we may possibly have – especially if we still have shards of connection to that Drama Triangle from the Old Age of Pisces (victim-rescue me-bully + Martyrdom). All the excuses our Ego/brain can IMAGINE to stir up MORE fears to do otherwise…If we choose to do so, we can IMAGINE BETTER, MORE, and EASE & GRACE for ourselves. We can! Change the perspective…easy peasy!
  • South Node Rx at 12 degrees Pisces – Holding hands with Neptune Rx, the South Node or Dragon’s Tail also brings us a CHOICE: Do I choose to allow that Dragon’s Tail to swish away ALL the PAST ways of how I’ve dealt with that Drama Triangle AND choose to IMAGINE Better, More, with Ease & Grace etc for myself? AND bring forth ALL the GEMS of what still works from the Old Age of Pisces (faith, connection to Spirit/God/Light of All whatever you name it) with the  inner knowing that I am supported, guided and will NOT Fall/Fail on a Higher Path into the Unknown of what is my Destiny (because we really don’t know how it will all work out – and may be pleasantly surprised to SEE MORE/BETTER/HIGHER – far beyond our own creative imaginings)! OR, just stay the course, do the same old/same old things, like we’ve been doing over and over and over again for How Many Lifetimes Now? Your choice.
Indian Paintbrush Mt Lorette Ponds

Indian Paintbrush, Mt Lorette Ponds 2016

Between today and just prior to the August 21st Disseminating Moon phase in Aries, therefore through the Full Moon in Aquarius (I will write a post separately for this phase) we will ALL be struggling in some regard with:

  • Pluto Rx in Capricorn letting GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning re: choosing HEART (Leo) vs. GAIN (Capricorn) AND Heartfully Gaining in the Process. What would happen if you LEAD from your Heart’s Desires towards Material Gain, without Power/Control issues leading the way? What are your Old Patterns of Conditioning in this regard? You will soon find out…
  • Neptune Rx with South Node Rx in Pisces letting GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning to HEARTFULLY have FAITH in your Higher Creative Self/Intuition/Inner Knowing of Listening Inside yourself (meditation/mantras/BEing in silence with yourself) that Following the Heart’s True Desires WILL Manifest Greater rewards in your life- and it all begins with your IMAGINATION – what can you enVISION that is MORE/BETTER/HIGHER for your Life now? Without judgement, or fear, or scoffing at the very idea?
  • While we all undergo this process, guess what also happens? Pluto Rx in Capricorn learns to WORK WITH Neptune Rx + South Node Rx in Pisces! We create an AND in some regard, Within Self, that hasn’t been forged before now. A new skill, way of coping that hasn’t seen the Light of Day. Cool! Aren’t you excited to ‘see’ how this is all going to come out? I am!

Hollyhocks at Cedars Villa Extendicare 2016

The Full Moon in Aquarius will ILLUMINATE any issues that still need to be addressed within that phase/during that phase – so a HUGE wakeup call for some of us, in some regard, as to HOW we’ve been ignoring our Heart’s True Desires. Perhaps you’ll realize what IS your Heart’s True Desire for the very first time this lifetime! And, Aquarius represents THIS New Age of Aquarius – and Leo (New Moon) IS the opposite sign to Aquarius.

My question to all of you: How will you navigate forward through these early days of the New Age of Aquarius if you DO NOT have Heart? If you do NOT have FAITH? If you do NOT have GOALS to imagine and move towards? Heartfully? Truly. Really.

Best of luck to you all on this interesting next piece of the Journey this Moon cycle has in store for you. And remember: what we manage to CREATE, HEARTFULLY during this Moon cycle sets us up for the September Eclipses! Energy of change that has influence in our lives for up to 3.5 years into the future!


Monkshood at Cedars Villa Extendicare 2016

Also: Mercury will be assisting all of us with how we are MINDFULLY deciding what truly works re: our daily work/BEing of Service out in the world, and the health processes of our physical bodies. If we don’t have our health, how High can we Climb to Higher Heights on our Upward, Evolving Life/Soul Paths? No matter what age you are now – where do you FEEL you need to head toward now? How HIGH do you wish to climb?

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Numerologist | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff and Michaella Rezanoff 2016

enLIGHTen Up, Eh?


Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2012

I began this post at 10 this morning, was interrupted unexpectedly several times, thought I had saved what I had already written, only to find out I have to begin again! Many of us have been experiencing a LOT of Unexpectedness these past several days, unable to finish projects or tasks we’ve set for ourselves. Uranus in Aries – Expect the Unexpected AND can I complete what I WANT to complete for me, please? In between the calls for assistance from others? LOL! What happened to ‘going WITH the flow?’

Okay, back to THIS topic, and it is being suggested that I change the title…so I will…hang on…it was all about the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse…still is but not in the way I’ve written all about these planetary events in the past. Hang in there with me everyone!

Yes several planets have changed signs since this Moon cycle began March 8, signaling a NEW way of working energetically with their usual messages. Plus two eclipses, then twin-powered comets heading our way by March 22nd – closest fly-by to Earth in 260 years! Very brightly too…hence the enLIGHTen Up, eh?


Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2012

Dense dark heavy energies have been literally air-lifted off Earth and away from all heartbeats since 2016 began, and especially since this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces began March 8th. Tomorrow, Wednesday March 23rd, at 6:01a MDT – just prior to dawn – we experience the subtleness of the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon throughout all of North America. If you rise before dawn, and if you can see the Moon watch for subtle dark patches thereon. It won’t be Total Eclipse, hence the subtle darkening only.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will occur at 03 degrees of Libra 17′ – a rebalancing, equalizing of the Emotional Body (Lunar) these next 3.5 years. PLEASE NOTE: any Lunar Eclipse denotes a quickening cycle of experiencing a FULL MOON CYCLE’s emotional rollercoaster-ride within 24 hours! BE prepared – and honest – with all feelings, intuitive hits of insights, and above all – in RECEIVING the signs, signals and insights sent to you at this time.

Nothing to worry about nor fear – and yes, fears will surface – hence the Shadow of the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon as it washes over North America – we are working WITH this Moon’s energy for 24 hours to do a ‘clean sweep’ if you will of ALL fears you’ve been storing up until now. Release, release, release! Spring Cleaning at its best – from Within and out. Energetically, emotionally, and via communicating (Libra is the cardinal air sign) in new ways compared to previous experience. Relating with Self and Others in new ways. BEing vulnerable, BEing honest, BEing truly YOU. WITH Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Strength! Always, in All Ways. Diplomacy, equality, lovingly, heartfully…


Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2012

During today’s interesting quest to publish this post, I had occasion to do up a chart for TODAY. Interestingly (!!!) there was a Triple-Headed YOD, or Finger of God, pointing to Jupiter (still Retrograde – Rx) + North Node Rx + MOON – all in Virgo. The planetary players that make up the base of this Triple-Headed Yod are Pallas in Aquarius and Uranus + Eris in Aries.

These planets/asteroids have been learning to work together, creating NEW self-growth talents and skills never before created. Namely, standing up for equality in some regard in your life (Pallas) within community and for Self (Aquarius) that may seem futuristic AND Free to BE Me (Uranus in Aries) with possible gender-role identity crisis – WHO AM I NOW, and I want to DO WHAT? (Eris in Aries) – as we combine a better mix of Inner Divine Feminine/Masculine energies to work WITH and TOGETHER with more ease than ever before!

MORE ability to Receive, Intuit, Feel (feminine power) AND Take Assertive (rather than aggressive) Action Out in the World (masculine power). How well are YOU marrying this mix Within Self, then working through them, Without, within relationships and partnerships in your life?

The Finger of God sign

Lake Siskayou, Mt Shasta 2011

Remember: during a Yod formation, once we learn to create that new talent/skill, the energy created by working together there at the base, is sent UP to the top of the Finger (and in this case times THREE!) towards the Virgo need to BE of Service, somehow. Jupiter Rx = expansion beyond our usual boundaries of what we’ve been comfortable doing before now, related to our Purpose this Lifetime. North Node Rx = direction our respective Souls wish us to move forward into, uncomfortable as that may feel.

And the almost Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (!) brings forth the Emotional Body – feelings, intuitive insights, ability to RECEIVE the signs and signals from our respective Guides, Angels etc. We will BE of better service if first 1) I KNOW THYSELF (Uranus in Aries), then 2) recognize that I am BOTH a mix of Divine Feminine (able to receive) AND Divine Masculine (able to assert and act) energies, then 3) ALLOW only equal and balanced relationships/partnerships in my life. THEN you’ll know WHAT you wish to expand INTO (Jupiter Rx) to ‘see’ the direction to follow (North Node Rx) AND it will FEEL just right (Moon)!

All in preparation for Wednesday’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse! And if you weren’t conscious of any of this going on today – don’t worry about it. You will have picked up on WHAT you needed along the way anyway, AND will know more by Thursday morning’s rush to get to work! Yes, 24 hours after the Eclipse. If not, could be 3.5 years before that Aha! moment comes in – it is your process. BE truly You – this is most important. Trust. Have Faith. It is ALL in Divine Timing. Always and in All Ways.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff – all Nature I could capture while living on Vancouver Island, Canada

Leap Day 2016 & 2014…our RESET!

I was talking to a good friend of mine last weekend, zeroing in on Leap Year’s and Day’s, then thought, “Wonder what a chart of a day that only occurs once in 4 years would garner? And to compare it with the Leap Day of the previous 4 years too?” So I did and have it to share with all of you.

Because of how the Earth orbits the Sun, and how the Earth’s axis wobbles, in order to keep our current calendar on target, we must have an extra day every four years to “catch up”. Hence why, over the four years, the timing of the Sun moving into each of the Zodiac signs every month will slowly change from being as early as the 19th or 20th of the month, to being as late as the 23rd of the month! What we all call the “cusp” between signs.

This is also why Easter seems to be “early” or “late” each succeeding year too! So 2016, as a Leap Year, is a RESET year for many reasons!

See the chart below from Leap Day 2014.LeapDay2012

The first items of note is the stellium of planets within the mutable water sign of Pisces (Neptune + Chiron + Pallas + Sun) which also happens to be the apex of a mutable T-square formation from the Moon’s Nodes + the Moon (with South Node in mutable air sign of Gemini in opposition to Juno in mutable fire sign of Sagittarius). T-squares between planets create energetic stress and tension within us, facilitating action for much-needed change – if we are listening and in tune with ourselves. Otherwise, the change happens despite ourselves! Coupled with these mutable signs – going WITH the flow was key!

Neptune sits at 00 degrees Pisces – it had just entered the sign it rules as of February 4th 2012 – a brand NEW CYCLE of connecting with our Spiritual / Divine Self after 165 years! Chiron has assisted with healing the wound of our Spiritual separation from ourselves (aka Ego Mind and Physical Body devoid of our Spirit) since April 2010, giving us two years of figuring this out before Neptune showed up in 2012 to help DISSOLVE the illusion/delusions we were under up until then. We have also been learning to understand ourselves more ENERGETICALLY and SPIRITUALLY – and that one is the other – energetically we are Spiritual. And vice versa. The personal energetic boundaries have caused more sensitivity for all of us, whether we have been conscious of it or not.

Pallas, one of the four faces of the Divine Goddess/Feminine, has been showing us how to engage our Inner Divine Feminine Warrior – male and female alike – to BE compassion, to FEEL feelings, and allow our INTUITION to be seen, heard and/or felt! Think back over these past four years – how has your Inner Life changed from Ego-Self driven to intuitively, feelingly aware? Have you noticed changes in the workplace re: more compassion and assistance from what was there prior? Your home life? Your friends?

Both Nodes are Direct – so we were all focused on accomplishing something certain these past four years. The South Node sits almost exact with the Moon, in Gemini. Not only did we visit our past lives, we also brought forward data and information to be used NOW in new daily habits, intuitive awareness and feeling our way forward. Fears of doing any of this (those unresolved issues from the past) have been coupled with the North Node’s intention to seek our Higher Purpose (Sagittarius) AND marry our Inner Feminine with our Inner Masculine power (Juno) in a sacred marriage. Equal and balanced.

How well have your mastered your Ego-self’s fears thus far? To create an AND to also move forward towards your True Purpose/Mission this lifetime with awareness? Be honest – we are ALWAYS a work in progress. We are NOT 100% perfected yet, so ANY forward-moving progress is cause for HUGE celebration! AND, in the eyes of God, we are ALREADY PERFECT!

This chart shows a Grand Trine in Earth signs from Mars Rx (retrograde) in Virgo (where Jupiter and the North Node are Now in 2016!) and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. Asserting our desire to BE of service and look after the health of our physical bodies (Mars in Virgo) with transforming power/control issues of integrity re: how we go about building our respective material gain (Pluto in Capricorn) with expansion and amplification of creating something solid, via our senses, that is beautiful and from our Truest Purpose (Jupiter in Taurus). Looking back these past four years – what has fallen away (died via Pluto), what has expanded beyond your prior boundaries (Jupiter pushing us past them), and how have you asserted your Inner Warrior, bringing forth that Pioneering self to BE your True Instinctual Self (Mars)?

Saturn sits Rx and at the 29th degree of the cardinal air sign of Libra – inner responsibilities, ending some cycle you’ve been in, that until now has interfered with allowing much-needed CHANGE to BE in partnership with yourself and others. Loving self and others more perhaps? Letting GO of the Old relationships/partnerships that no longer worked?

Lastly, the Vertex (Vx) point of destiny/fated happenings, in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre! Interestingly, this point sends mini love lines to both Saturn @ 29 degrees Libra AND Neptune @ 00 degrees Pisces! We’ve been tying up loose ends/ending a cycle of NOT taking responsibility within our relationships/partnerships AND learning to connect with ourselves more Spiritually/Divinely, in a new way other than religiously! What fateful/destined people and/or circumstances have occurred in your life since February 2012 that have brought much-needed healing, letting go, making room for MORE inner love of self, love of others, and love to the Divine You?

Now let’s look at tomorrow’s Leap Day for 2016!LeapDay2016

Notice I used the same time of day – so the House cusps have the same degrees and signs in both charts. My intuition choose 3:00p MST – don’t ask me logically why. Again, we have a stellium of planets + the South Node in Pisces. Neptune and Chiron continue to dissolve and heal our wounds of separation AND teach us about letting go of the Old Age of Pisces Drama Triangle (victim/rescuer/persecutor or bully) roles that are of no use to us now. The South Node tells me we are still, collectively, resolving issues from our collect pasts about this. BE the victor – not the victim! The Ego-self just LOVES to do “o woe is me!” drama. Pisces rules our addictions and our collective society is addicted to DRAMA! See it on TV and in movies and books. Leave it all there. Take yourself OFF this Triangle and stand in Love and Acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, of Self and Others.

Jupiter Rx + North Node Direct stand in opposition to the Pisces stellium, asking us to expand ourselves beyond those restrictive boundaries we’ve held close for over 2,000 years, to BE of service beyond ourselves (our Ego) and to do so DOWN here on earth! To love our physical bodies as we relearn to love ourselves. The Rx energy personalizes everything, giving us a chance to slow down and think about it all, mull it over and sit with it a while before we take the Action forward destined by the North Node. The Vertex point is once again sitting at the Galactic Centre, bringing forth destined and fated events and people to us to help us move beyond where we now stand. Wonder where we will end up?

Both the Moon and Mars stand in Scorpio, the most private sign in the Zodiac, and a fixed water sign – ice. Mars asks us to Assert ourselves beyond any deeply-held emotional fears of our Ego-self (Scorpio) AND the Moon, sitting at 29 degrees of Scorpio, asks us to END a cycle of old habits re: those fears! Letting GO of OLD HABITS brings space to embrace NEW habits that support the NEW you emerging, despite your fears to do otherwise! Dig deeply to unearth each and every one. Scorpio helps us root it out! Each and every baby step forward with change and trust and faith – it ALL helps us to BE our truer more authentic selves!

Interestingly, the Aries stellium sends a connection to the Scorpio Mars/Moon position, giving us a constant prod to LET GO of old patterns of conditioning! Here Aries, our instinctual self-identity, contains Uranus (unexpected change to BE Free to BE ME!) + Eris shows us how to dispense with our wornout gender roles of the past + the Arabic Part of Fortune, our Joy point, beckons us to BE joyful, to embrace our respective uniqueness from one another AND within each other + Vesta asks us to concentrate our focus ON self, yet not at the exclusion of all others! All work and no play is not BALANCE! We are no longer an Island unto ourselves. We are Individuals living within Community (New Age of Aquarius).

This chart’s T-square figures on the Vertex/Galactic Centre from the Nodes + Jupiter and Chiron specifically. To HEAL our spiritiual disconnect AND expand our boundaries away from the same old/same old service we’ve allowed ourselves to BE stuck within! Bust out of your entrenched ruts about work! Where you work, what you DO for work, HOW you work! Mix it up! Feel your heart’s true desire and follow your intuitive creative hits of insight and TRUST that these new directions (NO MATTER YOUR AGE!!!!) will manifest your dreams (Neptune) and show you the new direction your Soul wishes you to walk into (North Node)!

Having the Vertex on the Galactic Centre tells me we are heeding a Higher Call from On High! Beyond our Galaxy. What IS your Higher Purpose this lifetime? Perhaps the upcoming Eclipses in March will remind you of what you signed up to DO and BE this lifetime? I will write that post soon enough.

Our minds (Mercury) and our Desire Body (Venus) and Inner Feminine Power Warrior (Pallas) all sit within the fixed air sign of Aquarius, the New Age we are in now. Allow your mind to connect with your Future Self, and your Desire Body to feel the CLEAR intentions of what you truly desire in your life, and bring forth the wonderful Inner Feminine Wisdom to receive those insights/signs, feel the intuitive urgings of your Soul/Higher Self, and walk into your Future. Now. It will be interesting to see what we bring forth these next four years!

BE In Love & Light!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

New Moon + Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year 2016

Google Images Free Stock

Happy New Year! Within the Chinese Lunar calendar, today is the First Day of Spring within their Tiger month. This year we celebrate the Year of the Fire Monkey! For those of you wishing to know how a Fire Monkey year will impact your Chinese Astrology sign, I suggest you see this link: – they give the years of birth to help you figure out the Chinese Lunar year you were born into. I am a Dog – faithful, loyal, wanting to be of service.

According to the Chinese Fortune Calendar, “…the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey brings forth the elements of Metal and Water. Metal is connected to Gold and Water is connected to wisdom and danger.  “We will deal with more financial events in the year of the Monkey.” Yes, Pluto continues its journey through Capricorn, our sign of how we gather our material gain! Monkey is smart, naughty, wily and vigilant. If you want to have a good return for your money investment, then you need to outsmart the Monkey. Metal is also connected to the Wind. This implies “the status of events will be changing very quickly.” Think twice before you leap when making changes for your finance, career, business relationships and people relationships”.

At 7:40a MST today the Sun and Moon came together @ 19 degrees of Aquarius 16′ as the New Moon. The Sun brings in the active and vital male principle while the Moon brings forth the receptive and intuitive female principle.

At New Moon we are all unconscious about some aspect of Self that requires healing, love and acceptance. By the Full Moon we become fully conscious of what this aspect of Self is that we’ve unloved before now. The fixed air sign of Aquarius brings forth innovation, orginality, community socializing/connection, humanitarianism, technology and wishes we have for ourselves to manifest within the very near future. Here we connect with our Future Self – downloading future knowledge from the Cosmos – to be shared with community.

Aquarius sign

Sign of Aquarius

Everyone thinks the picture of Aquarius means it is a water sign because it is known as the Water-Bearer. The Water is the flow of Universal knowledge that is emptied down from our Milky Way, through our Sun and Moon onto Earth and into our consciousness. What are you allowing yourself to RECEIVE this Moon cycle? Where is Aquarius in your chart? This House location brings forth NEW knowledge and original thought for You and to share in your respective worlds. Future information, ideas and communication that is required NOW. Use it and share it.

We continue to experience YODs, or Fingers of God, this Moon cycle. Two Yods this time, asking us to let go of those old patterns of conditioning that get in our way preventing us moving forward into our Future Self. We continue to learn to let go of the connection of Eris within Aries to the North Node and Jupiter Rx (retrograde) in Virgo. How to BE ME, yet also allow IN connections to Others and BE of service too. Pioneering NEW In-roads Within to share Without. Instead of Ceres we now have both the Sun and Moon (aka our New Moon position) wishing to work together with Vesta (this time, Uranus is still in the picture, but more Vesta) and Eris. Re-balancing our unconscious (for now) wishes and dreams (Aquarius) with concentrated focus (Vesta) via our respective gender role needs (Eris), and once we let go of our fears to DO this in a NEW way, then whoosh! we have more energy to BE of service (Virgo) in the realm and mode our Future Self (and Soul!) has envisioned!

New Moon in Aquarius YODSThe new YOD connects Mars in Scorpio to the North Node and Jupiter Rx in Virgo, and wants to take action despite our fears (Mars) and work/be of service in a direction not before tackled (North Node + Jupiter Rx) to expand our horizons and boundaries into new territory. Are you ready? Could be paid work or volunteer work or housework or physical body health work or all of these. Whatever gets you up in the morning. These two areas are pointing to the Uranus + Vesta + Eris group in Aries – fiery instinctual assertion to BE FREE TO BE ME (Uranus) with focused concentration (Vesta) and a re-balancing act of Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine powers and energy (Eris). Again, Pioneering new IN-roads of aspects of Self not before recognized/conscious about before now. It will be interesting to ‘see’ what you ‘see’ about yourself by the Full Moon! Think of it as uncovering new self-identities for yourselves this Moon cycle! Identity Crisis anyone?

Last Moon cycle we had a tumultuous ride with Mercury also going Rx from 00 degrees of Aquarius back into 15 degrees of Capricorn, giving us TIME to THINK about HOW we go about creating material gain in our lives. What IS material gain to you and your world? How do you GO after it? Or attract it? Or envision it? Mercury will return to 00 degrees Aquarius as of Valentines Day! What rethinking have you done since December 20th?

Uranus rules this Moon cycle begun in Aquarius. Technology, inventions, and innovations abound. Uranus is in Aries, so watch out for “These are MY toys!” or fits of impatience or anger. Sharing is a good thing! Being acknowledged for your invention and work and service is a good thing. Demanding it, BEing within Ego-Shadow won’t garner any koodoos. Self-righteousness and the attitude of entitlement, not so much either. Take your Ego-Shadow out of the way to create space and room for the NEW to come IN!

Hathor Rattle

Hathor Rattle, Dendera Temple, Egypt 2011

Interestingly, along with the two Yods, there are two groups of planets Squaring (creates inner tension and stress until you ACT to create necessary CHANGE in your life) one another AND two groups of planets Trining (Love lines of connection, within the same element – in this case earth and water) one another. Two + Two + Two = Six. The number 2 numerologically signifies a Business number – the business of Love, therefore me and other, partnerships, connecting mind with spirit or body. The number 6 signifies Creativity – with fun and play, and understanding without even trying. Appreciating the arts and beauty around you, creating something NEW within your realm. Remember, cooking and baking is creation too!

The key Square groups are:

  • Pluto + Venus + Mercury in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn: EMpowerment + your Desire Body + your Mindset – how to bring these three players together to create something NEW from current resources (Capricorn) squaring off with Uranus + Vesta + Eris in the cardinal fire sign of Aries (methinks this Moon cycle is trying to get us over this Aries hump!) to allow our instinctual Self to pioneer new IN-roads to our true individual selves, and learn to play well with others! Vesta can be the workaholic, forgetting to come up for air, let alone relationships! And Eris still likes to roll out that Apple of Discord to disrupt the current Chaos to bring in more peace, balance and harmony! What are YOU afraid to let go of (remember that Yod!) in order to use your CURRENT building blocks (my toys) of personal resources to create something NEW in your life? What’s stopping you? We’ve been moving through this Pluto square Uranus dance since June 2012. How’s it been? Tired of the same old dance yet?
  • Sun and Moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius: our New Moon starting point of unconsciousness. Future Self knowledge. Are we blocking its path somehow? Squaring off with Mars and Juno in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Deep waters here, more fear perhaps? Preventing us from embracing our TRUE PASSIONS? Do you know your passions? Have you actually allowed yourself to FEEL them? BE honest with yourself, and TRUST that walking THROUGH your fears garners a NEW life and more energy to take ACTION with a balance of Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine power energies. Note the INNER…within…not without. Balancing act. Fixed also means stubborn…just saying…

Bouganvillea, Aswan, Egypt 2011

So while the characters above are playing hide and seek with all that stress and tension to make us MOVE (!), the following characters are sending love lines of assistance to one another:

  • Jupiter Rx + North Node in mutable earth sign of Virgo: are you seeing a pattern here? Do I need to repeat myself? LOL! BEing of service via expanding our usual boundaries of how we see this to BE, AND the North Node indicates a SOUL DIRECTION change. Mutable signs like to go WITH the flow, around a mountain, not climb it! The love line from Virgo connects with Pluto + Venus + Mercury in cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. NEW resources created from ones we already HAVE (ie. talents and skills and experience and other tools in our toolbox). We can DO this! We already have the tools – what’s stopping us? Earth = practicalities, groundedness and BEing tactile or hands-on about it.
  • Mars + Juno in fixed water sign of Scorpio: yep deep-water swimming here, past those fears and INTO passion! Love line connects us to Chiron + South Node in mutable water sign of Pisces! Yep, MORE Woundedness from that Old Age of Pisces to BE healed via WALKING through your FEAR of BEing MORE than you already allow yourself to BE, in this moment. Connect Up with your Angelic Peeps/Teams, bring in Love and Forgiveness, to Self and Others (depends on the fear-base you now own) and MOVE it all out! Yay! Water = intuitive insights, emotions and feelings, and RECEIVING!

Easy peasy everyone! BE Love and Compassion and FIRE and WATER and EARTH! Bring in the AIR via the unconsciousness you reside in via this current New Moon phase. I will guide everyone through the maze of the two YODS throughout this Moon cycle! And if you need one-on-one guidance, give me a call! We can look at your Moon Cycle report together and zero in on where your Fears reside, what is preventing you from ASKING for help and guidance, and then what needs to be let go of! I can be reached at 1-587-353-8085 here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: Google Images + my own nature pictures!

The Mercury Rx ‘Reset’ Legacy…


January 2016 Sunrise Colours!

Is it January still? And 2016? LOL! Wow…it’s been quite a ride for me personally re: this first Mercury Rx (retrograde) timing of 2016!

The pre-Rx Shadow timing began December 20th for all of us, at 15 degrees of Capricorn 40′ (exactly hitting my natal Mars in my 5th House of creativity, fun and play). Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, wants to create something NEW out of what already exists, and be hands on about it. It also deals with our beliefs about material gain and the integrity of how we do business with others. We are more in the public eye (Capricorn rules the 10th House) and it reveals our reputation for what it is we DO.

Two days later, December 22nd, as I sat in my sunny dining room, I clicked on the Weather Channel link for Canada and Calgary (to find out how cold it was forecasted to be Christmas Day) when it all went sideways! Somehow I managed to connect with someone in India trying to hijack my computer via that link I had just searched out.

Since then it has been an interesting cascade of events, one thing after another culminating yesterday with having to ERASE my entire hard drive. Yes. I know. Sounds kind of drastic doesn’t it? Until this round of Mercury Rx, I have never experienced drastic computer issues, ever. I have heard of others’ horror stories and felt bad for them and, I have to say, glad that it wasn’t me.

When Mercury stationed Rx, January 6th, it stood at 00 degrees Aquarius 57′, conjunct my natal Venus, both within my 6th House of daily work and the health of my physical body. A fixed air sign, which rules technology. All about communication and connecting with our community around us. So this Rx period did bring with it technological issues!


More January Sunrise Colours!

By this time I had already connected with a new computer guy (who lives just down the street from me – yay!) within hours of the hijack, and he cleaned and cleared all the trojan horse junk, added an ad blocker (yay! no more commercials while I watch TV on my computer) and an anti-viral program to keep those hackers out of my system. Using a Mac, I was naive enough to think that I was unhackable. Not any more!

Since my computer guy was already working on my system, I thought, “Why not finally upgrade to the new OS El Capitano too? And I know I need more RAM at some point. Might as well see how much I can get done.” So I told my computer guy to upgrade my system to the latest OS, which he did. Little did we know then what we know now!

One thing my clients and blog followers always hear me say, “Within the Mercury Rx timing, you will find out information you didn’t know you needed to know!” Yep, in spades this time! What most of you don’t know about me is that I used to be a computer operator, followed by being a Network Operator, followed by a year’s worth of computer programming schooling (Fortran, Assembler – yes I know, I am dating myself here). “Back in the day….” I knew quite a bit about the computer. I dealt with other’s fears of “…blowing up the computer if I turn it on or off!” Seriously, yes. This is back in the time where offices all around the world were having to convert to computerized offices. I remember working in the accounting office of an Alberta Government-run Department of Education affiliate, and the CFO (about to retire mind you) was truly fearful he’d never see any of his figures ever again once we put it all into that “little black box”. I was hired to document ALL information and input it to create their databases from which they would run their new computerized systems. And train the staff to use them and backup up their files. I was only 25 at the time. I trusted computers back then and my mind (Mercury in Aquarius) seems to run like a computer, so I have an affinity for them.


January 2016 Sunset

Back to now, over the years I have kept my hand in re: all the changes the computer has made since the ’80’s. Did you know that when Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, went into this sign it rules, back in 1996/97, that was the year the Internet was born? Interesting, isn’t it? Astrological timing of world events that impact all our lives. And here, 20 years later, I thought I had kept myself abreast of everything – or at least what I thought I needed to know. Not so, it turns out.

Computer guy had to come back time and again, first because my wifi network forgot itself and I could not find that all important password to help sort itself out (and I document everything!). New wifi network name and password now. Then the next visit was because the failing fan was driving me crazy with its noise, and to find out why FileVault was giving odd messages (this is a security program that encrypts your files upon shutdown, in case anyone decides to take your computer – came with my computer 5 years ago). He also increased the RAM this visit. Random Access Memory – aka the ‘space’ needed to load up TV, videos, games etc – makes more room to do more things on the computer, temporarily so – hence the Random.

Things worked well for a few days, but then that pesky rainbow-coloured spinning wheel kept coming on (which the added RAM was supposed to dispell). And the Mail (Mac’s version of Outlook) wasn’t allowing me to delete emails. I mean I did delete them, many times over, and over, and over, only to reappear each time I logged into Mail. ??? Huh?

Then we celebrated my youngest sister’s birthday the day before the Full Moon in Leo, out in Okotoks, south of Calgary, with Mom and a friend. I stayed with Mom for the next 4 days/nights assisting her with some much-needed organizational work (paper and otherwise). So my computer had a good long rest. Upon return to Calgary and home, I boot up the computer and all is working as it was, but I noticed it seemed sluggish booting up. Don’t worry, it’s okay I tell myself.


Moon + Jupiter + North Node in Virgo

Next day, early (Jupiter Rx + North Node + Moon in Virgo kept me awake until 2 or 3 a.m. most of last week OR I was up at 3a.m. and wide awake for hours) I turn on the computer, it sluggishly boots up and then this message comes up saying FileVault doesn’t like my password and to please put in the old password. Well there is no old password. Just this one. And round and round I go…in other words, I am locked out of my own computer! And guess what? January 26th, the day Mercury stationed Direct at 14 degrees of Capricorn 56′, is the day my computer locked. I love love Astrology timing…

Calls to Apple technicians down in Tennessee. No one has seen this particular scenario re: FileVault and the latest OS El Capitano ever before (but everyone already knew there were issues with FireVault and the latest OS). Hhhhmmmm “….let’s talk to our Engineering Department and we’ll get back to you.” All in between daily living and weekly visit to our middle sister in long-term care. Back home. Still no reply from Apple. So I call yet again, talk to yet another technician, and we go through it all again AND do other new processes that I’ve not done before (talk about going back to computer school for me!). Nothing got us out of the viscious unending loop of FileVault thinking there had to be another password to enter. So Plan B it is…are you SURE? We can always go back to the Engineering Department to see if they know of anything else? Are you SURE?

It is interesting that we talk to the technicians over the phone and press all the keys and type in the code and restart the computer they ask of us, all on our end of the phone. Then, when it comes to the inevitable…I AM THE ONE who presses the ERASE box! And, when you know this is what has to happen, and you think, “Okay, I can rebuild all my files and spreadsheets from scratch – I keep paper copies – no problem.” Sorry to say, my external hard drive has not been working since I returned to Calgary, and I have intended on replacing it…o well. I do have files backed up on a thumb drive dated November 2012 – will that do?

Well, no, actually it is more complicated than that. After the ERASE button cleared years of documents et al within SECONDS!!! I sat with the new OS download (3 hours and 45′) then spoke to my internet provider to remind me of what their incoming and outgoing server names are to get my email accounts up and running. Then realized, darn! Word, Excel and Powerpoint are now gone too! Whew, my sister has those discs- whew! I already have my Astrology software installed – easy peasy! Thank you IO Edition and Dennis and everyone at TCR (Times Cycles Research) for my Mac-oriented Astrology software! The easiest portion to restore within this whole scenario! Yay!

Today I intended on reinstalling my printer driver so that I have that done and off my To Do list….not. Turns out Canon doesn’t support my printer via this latest edition of OS El Capitano…darn again! And yes, I said other words to that effect…so my next order of business was to email (thank goodness that works now!) my computer guy asking him if he can fit me in this next week after I see my sister to pick up those discs, and o yes, do you think we might return to the older OS version so I can keep my printer? Where I started this journey 40 days ago? Thanks!

Yod Finger of God 2016Mercury Rx timings always bring new connections, communication, new information, and knowledge. We may not understand the WHY of it in the moment (I’ve been saying to all these men I’ve been dealing with, “There’s always a reason for these things!”) yet it may only make sense sometime in the future. I look back at that Yod, the Finger of God, that brought Eris in Aries to work with Ceres in Aquarius (!!) creating a new talent for all of us, that in turn sent new energy up to the Finger where Jupiter Rx + North Node + Moon (just after the Full Moon in Leo last Saturday night) sat at 23 degrees of Virgo within our respective charts. What have I learned from all of this?

Jupiter amplified and expanded my usual boundaries back into computerland (I so loved the troubleshooting portion of those jobs!) and the North Node beckoned my Soul forward into areas of my self-identity that I had long forgotten (I have Virgo Rising in the 1st House of self-identity).

Eris, sitting in Aries within my 8th House of business partnerships and shared resources, brought a lot of male energy into the home (did I mention the furnace decided to take a break during this time too? Quotes from three furnace men too…) and a choice of whom I wanted to partner with to help me get the computer fixed (and furnace in the near future). Ceres, Goddess of the Harvest, and our ability to pay our way in the world, has shown me how I used to pay my way in the world working within the computer industry. Hhhmmm… is someone trying to tell me something here? Still do my Astrology work and run my business AND return to the land of computers? Looks like I have a lot to catch up on…

I need to update my resume…no wait, I have to re-create it, but I don’t have Word…and I don’t have a printer to print it on…so I still need to wait for all of this to complete itself. Eris in Aries can be short on patience, and a wee bit angry from time to time…


Another January Sunrise!

February 14th is when we come out of the post-Rx Shadow timing (I already told my computer guy, a Scorpio, about Mercury Rx and he found it fascinating that the unusually busy Christmas season for him, dealing with stressed to the max clients, had an Astrological reason) and I wonder how it will all work out by then? Mercury Rx can be the gift that keeps on giving…how well have you navigated the gifts you’ve received since December 20th?

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff (the rest of them are poof! gone!)

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