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Moving On Over…

capricornsymbolWith the advent of Saturn Stationing Rx (Retrograde) last night at 11:06 pm MDT at the Galactic Centre, 27 degrees of Sagittarius, I thought I’d mention here, within my Rainbows and Astrology site, for all my current followers, the opportunity to arc on over to my NEW blog, Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology.

I will be blogging from there for now on. It’s been an interesting ride these past 3.5 years returning to Calgary after living on beautiful Vancouver Island! At the time I didn’t know I’d be moving away from StarSeeker Connection, my first Astrology business name, into the Rainbows and Astrology business name. For whatever reason, I needed to gently glide down from the Cosmos to be more grounded here on Earth.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

I invite all of you to sign up for my NEW blogsite here:  Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology and I look forward to sharing more Cosmic Weather updates, Moon cycle insights and upcoming classes (online and in the Class Room!) as Time moves on.

See my latest post, “Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 – August 25, 2017” at the new site. Saturn is Father Time, and it is Time for further INsights delving into the realms of beliefs, ethics, faith and much more!

Most sincerely,

Laurie Rae Rezanoff


So Many Changes….Where to Begin?

dsc04951I’ll begin with today and move backward from here! LOL!

We entered the Last QTR Moon cycle as of 3:57a MDT this morning – with the Moon at 00 degrees of Cancer 48′! Hence yet another nod in the direction of NEW Cycles! This cardinal water sign beckons us all to be sensitive to our respective needs AND to be aware of how tetchy the Ego-self can/will be over the next several days. The Last QTR Moon phase brings forth some sort of Crisis in Re-Orientation – due to what we now know about our Self since September 1st’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse (and that Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse + Mercury Rx in Virgo plus plus plus…) that we didn’t know BEFORE then.

Between today and the Balsamic Moon phase September 26th, what ACTION, despite Ego-self denials, resistances, stubbornness et al, are you being called upon to take? And if you’ve been feeling overly emotional of late…you are not alone! Crying is a chemical reaction to letting go energetically of something. There are times we KNOW what we’re releasing and times when we don’t. All good! BE aware of your feelings, intuition, and emotional needs! End of. Intuition will show you the way forward of what Action to take next. Cancer is all about self-nurturance – how are you doing this for YOU? I repeat – a NEW cycle – of letting go of Ego’s desire to IGNORE and perhaps hug yourself daily, look yourself in the mirror, in your eyes and tell yourself, “I LOVE YOU!” Now wouldn’t that feel warm and fuzzy all over? For a change, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Nurturance, Self-Respect, Self-Worth….

dsc04891Yesterday (Thursday) the Sun entered 00 degrees Libra 00′ as of 8:22a MDT – and wow did we feel it! Here in Calgary it was cloudy, misty, rainy, and a bit cool but not as cool as I thought it would be. Enjoy the pictures herein – all taken yesterday in my ‘hood. I LOVE this time of year – Autumnal Equinox aka First Day of Fall – because the Sun entered yet another Cardinal Sign – Libra – cardinal air. Yet another NEW step – this one on the Mental Body level (air = mental). What NEW ideas, thoughts, conversations did you have yesterday? Libra brings forth BALANCE, EQUALITY, PEACE, HARMONY, EQUILIBRIUM – or at least the inner tug to have more of any / all of the above! Libra rules the 7th House of marriage, partnerships, close one-on-one relationships – where is Libra in your natal chart? THIS is where you yearn for balance, equality etc. How well are you doing with all these themes of Libra, compared to where you were this time last year?

For instance, most of Libra is within my 2nd House of Values, Worthiness, Self-Esteem, Money, and what I bring to the table of personal skills, talents and experience that assist me to attract abundance, bounty and prosperity. Interestingly, the 2nd House is the natural home of Taurus – how to DO it on my own – yet having Libra here, I want to PARTNER with someone in some regard – be it business or otherwise – to help me bring home the bacon! Libra wants partnership and balance – an equal give and take. If I’ve been giving too much and not receiving much to balance it out, then there’s something wrong!

dsc04905Speaking of Libra, Jupiter entered 00 degrees of Libra 00′ as of September 9th at 5:19a MDT, just before the 1st QTR Moon phase began in Sagittarius. Jupiter spends roughly one year in each sign. It takes Jupiter 12 years to travel around our charts. Think back to September 26, 2004 (the last time Jupiter began to travel through Libra) – what were you doing then? Where did you work? What partnerships did you have professionally, personally, romantically? Remember, Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. All about LOVE, Beauty, the Arts, and Music! Hence why romance is surrounded by all of this! How is your life different now compared to 2004/05? What NEW changes do you wish to bring into your life this round? Remember, LIBRA is all about initiating something NEW, mentally/socially within the realm of close relationships/partnerships. Shake it up baby! And Jupiter LOVES to amplify and EXPAND our boundaries about it all too – go beyond those limitations we may have gravitated into over the last 12 years….that kept us safe, away from harm heart-wise…

Mercury Stationed Direct as of September 21st at 11:31p MDT at 14 degrees of Virgo 50′. Yay! Whew! That was quite a heady time for all  of us, considering Mercury RULES Virgo – yep! There was a LOT of thinking, processing, conversations, inner talk, rethinking, redoing, repositioning along the way! So if your head hurt from time to time…no wonder. We are now in the post-Rx (retrograde) Shadow period until October 6th – not 100% out of the woods quite yet. Could be more decisions to discuss, change your mind (!) on, etc. This is why I LOVE Mercury Rx timings! Gives us all a chance to S-L-O-W down mentally, allow that creative/out-of-the-box thinking cap that bring forth new ideas and ways to cope with current issues/problems in our respective lives. How did YOU do by the way? I’d like to hear about it. Any good Perfectionistic aka procrastination stories to share? Shadow of Virgo…and with the North Node meeting up with Mercury in Virgo over the past week or so – the Direction your Soul wants you to head into – via perfecting HOW you wish to BE of service out in the world AND to your own physical body’s health – how did you do with all that too? Think back and give yourself pats on the back – it is as important to KNOW what you want as it is of what you DON’T WANT!

dsc04883Then there was that wee thing called the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees PISCES 20′ on September 16th at 1:05p MDT (mutable water sign) along with that continuing Water Grand Trine that included the Ruler of Pisces, Neptune AND that South Node – BOTH in Pisces – I ask you: how emotional of a time has it been for all of you? Each Lunar Eclipse, especially in a water sign, means we undergo a FULL 28-day Moon cycle within 24 hours! Think about that for a moment –  if you felt underwater at that time, you were! Watershed times to be sure! Yay! Let go of those toxic thoughts, ideas, beliefs, of the PAST (this and other lifetimes) etc and move forward with your Life NOW! Pisces, as the mutable water sign, can seemingly allow us to “go WITH the flow” but whose flow did you go with? Yours or someone else’s? Hhhhmmmm…..any regrets? Still time to get on board WITH your Life/Soul Path of the NOW to reorient yourself (!!) just saying…Listen to YOUR own intuition – not someone else! Listen to YOUR feelings! They are YOURS – no one else around to feel what YOU feel! Are you feeling me here? LOL! Remember – these three Eclipses we’ve experienced since August 18th will propel all of us forward, one way or another, for the next 3.5 years….HOW do you want to move forward in YOUR life? And remember, VIRGO is Pisces’ opposite sign, so if you think you ducked out on the watershed – think again! Mercury and the North Node in Virgo will PULL from Pisces that which you didn’t deal with yet…be aware…the Universe is sneaky this way – if at first you don’t go with the flow, there’s always another way coming round the corner…

And, last but not least, Venus, Ruler of Libra and Taurus, moved into Taurus’ opposite sign of SCORPIO today too! Yay! LOL! As of 8:51a MDT at 00 degrees Scorpio 00′ – and where’s this sign in your charts? Venus is our DESIRE BODY – what is it you DESIRE for yourself, deeply, emotionally, sexually, passionately? Bring out that inner emotional fire you’ve been hiding under a bushel, from yourself, let alone others! What are YOU passionate about? The House(s) Scorpio is located within in your chart gives you clues as to WHERE or HOW you find that passion! And again, Scorpio rules the Ego-Self FEARS of CHANGE, moving forward from the status quo of the same-old, same-old habits, desires, life. If your passion’s pilot light went out, get it back! The last time Venus was in Scorpio was October 24, 2014 – January 3, 2015. Where were you at, emotionally, back then? What was missing then, and have you re-ignited your passion since? If not, why not? And why not do it now? Venus will travel through Scorpio until October 19th when it enters Sagittarius. Bring forth your TRUE Desires, deeply emotional they may be, and yes, your Ego-Self may be afraid of the depth of those feelings! Dive down as deeply as you can, get to the ROOT of your issue(s) (and if you require assistance, I’m here to help!) because the Universe is supporting ALL of us to do this deep work almost effortlessly! Look at all the planets hanging around in water signs! Hello! How much louder does it need to get, and how many more players do you need? LOL!

dsc04932Getting back to the Water Grand Trine for this Moon cycle we begin September 1st: we experienced Juno’s part in Scorpio within the Crescent Moon phase (September 5-8th), then the Neptune Rx + South Node Rx both in Pisces within the Gibbous Moon phase (September 13-16 – talk about Past Age/Life stuff!) and now, within this Last QTR Moon phase, until September 26th, Vesta in Cancer will help us with FOCUSED CONCENTRATION to delve into whatever it is our Ego-Self may be fighting tooth and nail to avoid letting go of that it holds onto for dear life! Just a heads-up for all of us. The MORE we Let Go now, the better our Balsamic Moon phase (typically the emotional ‘letting go’ phase of each Moon cycle) will be. Remember: each Moon cycle brings all of us opportunities for further Self/Soul Growth, changing our daily habits, evolving our Emotional Body to BE as mature as it can possibly be each Moon cycle. And no, if you think you’ve missed the Emotional Boat this Moon cycle – you haven’t. Because there’s always another Moon cycle every 28-29 days….

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Writer | Teacher

Photo Credits: taken during the Autumnal Equinox by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Gibbous Moon in Capricorn…And YOD Activation…

Mt Lorette PondsToday at 12:11p the Moon moves into the Gibbous Moon phase, at 07 degrees Capricorn 22′. By this time of the Moon cycle we are evaluating our Inner Growth progress/process – what do you CONSCIOUSLY know about yourself that you didn’t before, since the August 2nd New Moon in Leo? Heartfully, where are you?

Capricorn brings us to a cross-roads of sorts: do I stay the course I have been on OR do I head upon a higher, more challenging, yet fulfilling pathway? Where are you at? What Higher Ambition are you seeking for further Inner Fulfillment?

Capricorn asks us to set forth some goals towards long-term plans that may not show fruition soon. Can you stay the course? Do you have faith and the wisdom to commit? And there is that portion of Capricorn that looks for the material gain here – what will you be GAINING if you stay where you are vs. moving higher up along a new path?

The other item of note today: At the New Moon there was a YOD, or Finger of God formation pointing directly at the Moon/Sun position in Leo August 2nd. The two planets that create the base of this formation are:

  • Pluto, Rx (retrograde) at 15 degrees Capricorn – the Great Transformer of all things power/control/greed into EMPOWERMENT for Self and Others – aka a win-win situation all the way round. Pluto comes by to peel back the carpet of whatever our Ego/brain has been hiding underneath re: fears of moving forward, for whatever reason, excuse, piece of denial it can seek until this moment in time.
  • Neptune Rx at 11 degrees Pisces – She dissolves issues of illusion/delusion we may possibly have – especially if we still have shards of connection to that Drama Triangle from the Old Age of Pisces (victim-rescue me-bully + Martyrdom). All the excuses our Ego/brain can IMAGINE to stir up MORE fears to do otherwise…If we choose to do so, we can IMAGINE BETTER, MORE, and EASE & GRACE for ourselves. We can! Change the perspective…easy peasy!
  • South Node Rx at 12 degrees Pisces – Holding hands with Neptune Rx, the South Node or Dragon’s Tail also brings us a CHOICE: Do I choose to allow that Dragon’s Tail to swish away ALL the PAST ways of how I’ve dealt with that Drama Triangle AND choose to IMAGINE Better, More, with Ease & Grace etc for myself? AND bring forth ALL the GEMS of what still works from the Old Age of Pisces (faith, connection to Spirit/God/Light of All whatever you name it) with the  inner knowing that I am supported, guided and will NOT Fall/Fail on a Higher Path into the Unknown of what is my Destiny (because we really don’t know how it will all work out – and may be pleasantly surprised to SEE MORE/BETTER/HIGHER – far beyond our own creative imaginings)! OR, just stay the course, do the same old/same old things, like we’ve been doing over and over and over again for How Many Lifetimes Now? Your choice.
Indian Paintbrush Mt Lorette Ponds

Indian Paintbrush, Mt Lorette Ponds 2016

Between today and just prior to the August 21st Disseminating Moon phase in Aries, therefore through the Full Moon in Aquarius (I will write a post separately for this phase) we will ALL be struggling in some regard with:

  • Pluto Rx in Capricorn letting GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning re: choosing HEART (Leo) vs. GAIN (Capricorn) AND Heartfully Gaining in the Process. What would happen if you LEAD from your Heart’s Desires towards Material Gain, without Power/Control issues leading the way? What are your Old Patterns of Conditioning in this regard? You will soon find out…
  • Neptune Rx with South Node Rx in Pisces letting GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning to HEARTFULLY have FAITH in your Higher Creative Self/Intuition/Inner Knowing of Listening Inside yourself (meditation/mantras/BEing in silence with yourself) that Following the Heart’s True Desires WILL Manifest Greater rewards in your life- and it all begins with your IMAGINATION – what can you enVISION that is MORE/BETTER/HIGHER for your Life now? Without judgement, or fear, or scoffing at the very idea?
  • While we all undergo this process, guess what also happens? Pluto Rx in Capricorn learns to WORK WITH Neptune Rx + South Node Rx in Pisces! We create an AND in some regard, Within Self, that hasn’t been forged before now. A new skill, way of coping that hasn’t seen the Light of Day. Cool! Aren’t you excited to ‘see’ how this is all going to come out? I am!

Hollyhocks at Cedars Villa Extendicare 2016

The Full Moon in Aquarius will ILLUMINATE any issues that still need to be addressed within that phase/during that phase – so a HUGE wakeup call for some of us, in some regard, as to HOW we’ve been ignoring our Heart’s True Desires. Perhaps you’ll realize what IS your Heart’s True Desire for the very first time this lifetime! And, Aquarius represents THIS New Age of Aquarius – and Leo (New Moon) IS the opposite sign to Aquarius.

My question to all of you: How will you navigate forward through these early days of the New Age of Aquarius if you DO NOT have Heart? If you do NOT have FAITH? If you do NOT have GOALS to imagine and move towards? Heartfully? Truly. Really.

Best of luck to you all on this interesting next piece of the Journey this Moon cycle has in store for you. And remember: what we manage to CREATE, HEARTFULLY during this Moon cycle sets us up for the September Eclipses! Energy of change that has influence in our lives for up to 3.5 years into the future!


Monkshood at Cedars Villa Extendicare 2016

Also: Mercury will be assisting all of us with how we are MINDFULLY deciding what truly works re: our daily work/BEing of Service out in the world, and the health processes of our physical bodies. If we don’t have our health, how High can we Climb to Higher Heights on our Upward, Evolving Life/Soul Paths? No matter what age you are now – where do you FEEL you need to head toward now? How HIGH do you wish to climb?

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Numerologist | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff and Michaella Rezanoff 2016

Laughter IS the Antidote!

DSC04457Our recent Full Moon phase began on Saturday, May 21st at 3:14p MDT with the Moon sitting at 01 degrees Sagittarius 14′ and the Sun opposite at 01 degrees Gemini 14′. Any Illuminating moments come up for you around that time?

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, ruled by Jupiter (who is currently travelling through mutable earth sign of Virgo – all about perfecting our processes re: work/being of service and how we look after the health of the physical body). The Full Moon themes within Sagittarius were any or all of the following [according to Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology]:

  • Your Quest for Truth: wherever Sagittarius resides within your chart, you search for your Higher Truth of why you are here, what your purpose is on Earth this lifetime. Here you find your Philosopher’s Stone – truly. That Holy Grail of what you deeply deem to ring Truth resoundingly so. Be it spiritual, religious, sacred spaces where you find your inner honesty and most direct communication.
  • Peace of Mind: here the Natural world comes into play – spend time outside within the gorgeous greening and flowering that is our world here in the Northern climes. Fall is turning its colours for our neighbours in Southern climes. Our connections with Nature bring peace and Intuitive knowing closer to home.
  • Freedom: accepting life as an Adventure, being Spontaneous about something, having Positive Expectations (!!) while Exploring your world in a wider arc that could include long-distance travel to far lands, or moving to a new locale to live and work.
  • The Law: here is the world of attorneys, lawsuits, ethics, morality, your conscience and any court proceedings that govern what is Law in our land. For most of us it comes down to Ethical Living and Being while Doing.
  • Optimism: if you’ve lost this along the way, now is the time to regain it via having Faith, belief in Luck, Be of Generous and Friendly Spirit – to yourself especially! Gallantry too – where has that gone?
  • Higher Education: this can be a mix of continued education, Be curious no matter how old you become, seek the answers to your personal philosophy as to why you are here. Mentoring/being mentored comes into play too. Find solutions to problematic situations that seem hopeless and seemingly unending. Ask yourself: What is it I haven’t learned yet from this ongoing situation? It will cease to BE once you allow yourself to learn it!
  • Carelessness: here is the shadow side of Sagittarius – take shortcuts, be self-righteous, make assumptions, excesses and extravagance of all kinds, blunt communication that can be hurtful and Pollyanna approaches – BE authentic!
  • Physically, Sagittarius Rules: your hips, liver, sciatica, thighs and upper legs. Get out for a walk or jog or cycle or swim! This is a reminder to Move around, BE flexible and work out other strategies to di-spell anger/rage that can inflame your liver if it isn’t expressed out of the physical body. Better this than attacking another verbally with it.

May Snow Shower 2016

Now on to that Antidote! If, due to Forces Beyond Your Control, seemingly continuously so, you have lost your Faith/Freedom in some regard, given up Hope/Optimism that it will ever ever Change, and perhaps have been Careless, no Peace of Mind no matter how many walks you’ve been on – listen to this simple, easy exercise to bring it all back around. It is simply LAUGHTER – deep belly laughter – especially when EVERYTHING seems to be at its Darkest and most Hopeless!

You will experience any or all of the following as you do this exercise: first forced laughter (because it really seems INSANE to be laughing at this very moment!) then crying. Perhaps some yawning, and/or sneezing (great signs of shifting stagnant dark energy) followed by more laughing (do you feel it is lighter and less forced now?) and crying and yawning – do this for at least 20′ to really get it all shifted Within, away from that deep dark place that you perhaps landed into during the Scorpio Gibbous Moon phase? You are not alone on this one!

DSC04455This is God’s natural gift of enLIGHTenment! Lightening the load, the impossible into the possible, the ugly into the beautiful, the Light-Heartedness from the dark sadness of presumed failure to move past whatever it is you seem to be stuck within. After your 20′ laughter session, Give Thanks to God With Gratitude – another aspect of Jupiter/Sagittarius is Thankfulness in the midst of chaos!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer

Photo Credits: taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

YOD, or Finger of God in Aries…

Balloons and Orbs

Balloons & Orbs, West Bank of Luxor, Egypt 2011

Here we are, within the first 24 hours of the Gibbous Moon stage in Aries – yay! What wonderful NEW growth, and inner development of your Soul Self can you evaluate thus far this Moon cycle? BE honest with yourself now…

I thought it would be a good time to zero in on the energy of the YOD, or Finger of God, planetary formation that was activated within the Seed of what was the New Moon on November 11th. By Full Moon, November 25th, that Seed will have become a Flower – in full bloom, showing ALL of the Light being Illuminated upon the face of the Moon, sitting directly opposite the Sun, now in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius since Sunday.

YOD Finger of God Nov 2015At New Moon we began this current Moon cycle within Scorpio – also activating one of the base planet groups (namely the Moon + Sun + Mercury) that make up this YOD. See my Moon chart herein for the graphic details. From New Moon to Crescent Moon we all underwent some sort of Shadow work with our respective Ego-self, feeling the fears, yet moving forward anyway. Especially the fear of TRUSTING Self and Others! Fear of trusting our own intuitive wisdom!? Fear of trusting that “I know what is best for MY life! At any given moment in time….”? What do you mean? I’m fine, really and truly, just fine…I mean I FEEL fine…

Before Wednesday’s Full Moon in Gemini at 3:44p MST, we will all experience the apex portion of this YOD or Finger of God, sitting as Uranus Rx (retrograde) in Aries (with Eris not too far away, just waiting for any chance to send in her Apple of Discord to shake things up a bit). Expect the Unexpected IS Uranus – that lightning rod of Change, striking out within our respective lives, seemingly out of nowhere. Hhhhmmm….I wonder what Change this way comes?

There will most likely be a HUGE AHA! moment for most of us, bringing forth the Energy of Taking a Risk via Instinctual Action (Aries). Uranus Rx demands we step forth AS our true Authentic Self – no matter what the situation or person or circumstance we attract to us in order to BE so! It will be interesting – there is something DEEPLY revealing coming forth (Rx action of any planet brings “stuff” up from the hidden depths within us, becoming conscious out of our subconscious). You will notice that this Action will reveal itself, and it won’t be instantaneous due to the Rx motion – take advantage of this moment to think before you leap!


Abydos, Egypt 2011

As I stated in my last post, Uranus has been traveling through Aries since March 13, 2011. Take stock of all the ways you’ve systematically stripped down, layer by layer, due to circumstance by circumstance, since that date, revealing more and more of Your True Inner Nature. Are you MORE Authentic today compared to March 12, 2011? Or are you still hiding from yourself, allowing that Ego-self monkey mind to trap you in the illusion of fear? Hhhmmm…It’s been about “Free To BE ME!” all this time….

As you experience these next few days prior to the Full Moon, BE aware that the MORE energy you feel and ‘see’ to use as forward NEW action towards your True desires, the more this tells you how well you managed to deal with the initial deeply-held Scorpio fears since New Moon! Yay! There will be something that beckons your forward upon a New Path not taken before now (deep Within, that also brings opportunity from Without) matching equally the space that was recently cleared of the Old. Yay! Celebrate! Hip hip hooray!

Egret on the Nile

Egret on the Nile, October 28, 2011 Aswan, Egypt

Ensure that you do indeed TAKE ACTION – ‘seeing’ the opportunity is one thing; DOing something about it is the Next Step. This IS the Risk. Back at the New Moon we were all asked to TRUST in the Unknown this Moon cycle. Almost feeling like we were blindly walking forward in the dark. The Light is almost 100% ON by now – take a good look – what do you SEE?

Then just after the Last QTR Moon phase in Virgo, December 3rd, we will feel the activation of the other base planet of this YOD: Jupiter Rx in Virgo! What issues re: BEing of service have you had since August 12th? This is when Jupiter entered the mutable earth sign of Virgo, The Virgin. Virgin originally meant “not owned” by anyone. She was independent, educated, her own person, self-reliant and self-sufficient. Not dependent on any man or woman. Her True Authentic Self.

Virgo rules the 6th House of unequal relationships (used to be known as the House of Servants/Masters) whereby we switch between BEing student and teacher, apprentice and mentor, guide and BEing guided. Where are You in this mix? Only our Ego-self will rebel and think “I’m as grown up as I can possibly BE already! I know it all or as much as I’m prepared to learn!” Or words to that effect. This is a person who is unteachable. Who is arrogant and perhaps shut down.


My Try at Carpet Weaving, Cairo, Egypt 2011

We ALL must let go of our Fears (Scorpio) of NOT KNOWING everything! Our Fears of BEing judged for NOT BEing PERFECT (Virgo’s Shadow side) all the time! At whatever AGE we are, right now, it makes no difference. Many people have lost their livelihoods due to the downturns in economy, the Energy industries, and redundant skills that are no longer required due to massive technology changes (again Uranus). Huge change to learn a new skill within our 50’s or 60’s in order to keep a day job (ruled by Virgo).

Between December 3rd and 7th, BE aware of those initial Ego-self Fears (Scorpio) you underwent at New Moon. Now, with Jupiter Rx in Virgo amplifying the energy to EXPAND out beyond our usual boundaries of what we have called our day job/work before this time, we have the OPPORTUNITY to create an “AND” between where Scorpio activated your fears within your birth chart, AND where Jupiter Rx is asking, yet again, for you to TAKE ANOTHER RISK, a Leap of FAITH (Jupiter rules Sagittarius after all) into yet another Unknown aspect of daily life. and DO something different – work-wise, physical health-wise, learning-wise.

Remember, you will “SEE” what this Risk, Leap of Faith action is to BE in your own life by Full Moon. And by Balsamic Moon December 7th, we close the loop and journey begun in Scorpio November 11th. Here we Let Go of OLD FEARS in a brand NEW Way – this Balsamic Moon is at 00 degrees of Scorpio 01′! Wherever this degree resides in your birth chart, herein activates a NEW CYCLE of letting GO of fears, TRUSTing Self and your feelings and intuition, to TAKE those Next Steps into your New Life!

Trust that there will be a Divine “auto-removal” unit working behind the scenes in each of your lives by Balsamic Moon – you’ll feel nary a blip if you’ve been DOing your conscious feeling/intuitive work all along this Moon cycle!

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer | Facilitator

Photo Credits: Egypt pics by Laurie Rae Rezanoff and Lois Christensen

Full Moon in Pisces Today…

At 12:35p MDT, in the midst of all the forest fire smoke we continue to inhale from the Washington State fires, the Moon will sit in the early degrees of Pisces while the Sun sits in its opposite sign, Virgo.

Almost Full Moon Aug 28, 2015

Almost Full Moon Aug 28, 2015

I find it fascinating this week we’ve been under a haze of smoke for more than a week now. Pisces is all about Magic, Movies and Illusion/delusion. ‘Tis the fog as the last water sign of our Zodiac (Cancer is water and Scorpio, the third water sign, represents ice) and I ‘see’ this fog of smoke hiding our confusion over HOW to BE of Service these days in the current economic climate.

With the Full Moon shining in the Pisces water sign of BEing of Higher Service, beyond the Ego-self, connecting with our Higher Self, angels, Teams of guides et al, – the Sun sits exactly opposite in Virgo, how we are of Service in our daily mundane world down here on Earth.

Each opposition between our planetary partners creates another opportunity to create an “AND” world – beyond the Either/Or world we have left behind since 2012. We are no longer black or white, light or dark, female or male, right or wrong, or good or bad. This is the old 3D world we are leaving behind – far behind.

Since December 2012 we have been on a rather high learning curve to grasp and understand HOW to BLEND it all into BEing ONE – we are ALL part of the ONE, and always have been. We are now waking up to this reality that has always been true – the Ego-self has been hiding us away from this truth over many many thousands of lifetimes.

Gibbous Moon & Orb Aug 28, 2015

Gibbous Moon & Orb Aug 28, 2015

Creating an “AND” world is key now. We are part of the mult-verse, the Cosmos AND we are living and working down here on Earth. Our solar system is part of a galaxy, which in turn is part of many other galaxies which in turn make up a universe – or is it multiple universes? Do you sense the ongoing wheels of cycles and patterns having just read the above sentence?

Full Moon in Pisces, and Sun in Virgo (along with that Pantheon of Planets in Virgo I last blogged about) illuminates our way forward, collectively, in creating our unique respective ways and means of how we create SERVICE for now on (in preparation for the upcoming September eclipse season). Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, the Wise Woman/Man/Elder carrying forth decades AND lifetimes of wise knowledge to be shared with the collective. What is your wisdom? How are you sharing it? Do you ‘see’ the Service that comes from HOW you share it?

Virgo brings Service through processes, HOW we complete our tasks, with whom and for what purpose. Perfecting it as we move through our learning curve of the respective daily work we do here on Earth. Understandably, there are more unemployed workers due to the downturn in oil prices, yet again. Divine Timing I say – to create an “AND” out of what WAS your daily work AND what will BE your daily work! An opportunity for SOULful (Sun) change in what you took for granted as the service you did up until you were downsized, fired etc. Ask yourself this: “Was I truly happy doing that work? If I am being honest with myself, I will have to say….”

12 Hours prior to Full Moon in Pisces Aug 28, 2015

12 Hours prior to Full Moon in Pisces Aug 28, 2015

Looking at the chart I created for this Full Moon I see FIVE sets of planetary pairs assisting with our Wise Awakening today, and they are:

  • Full Moon AND Neptune Rx (Retrograde) in Pisces: I love this one! Here the planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is IN Pisces, and is Rx – its energy is directed Inward for us to ‘see’ ourselves more clearly as Divine Eternal BEings in these physical bodies – and the Full Moon is spotlighting any hazy or foggy aspects we’re experiencing to fully EMBRACE this concept! Cool! Do you ‘see’ the Magic of the multi-verse WITHIN You?
  • Sun AND Jupiter in Virgo: Here we Soulfully (Sun) expand and amplify (Jupiter) how we ‘DO’ our daily service in this world – it can BE loud and clear, finally – as we also seek our Higher Purpose (Jupiter) why am I here this lifetime? What is my purpose? Soulfully. Daily. Purposely.
  • North Node Rx AND Mercury in Libra: The Dragon’s Head (smoke in the air, Dragon’s breath?) or North Node of the Moon, with its inward direction (Rx), beckons us into the direction our SOUL wishes us to go – to bring our mind (Mercury) into creating an AND (Libra) or balance, harmony, peacefulness deep within. Libra LOVES the challenge of the constant balancing act AND it is also our cardinal air sign of PARTNERSHIP. See your Inner Self partnering up with your wise Higher Self – wrap your Ego-brain around this concept as best you can….
  • Have you noticed anything else yet? How each of the elements are being activated with pairs or partners of planets, bringing ALL elements to the table of this Full Moon in Pisces?
  • Uranus Rx AND Eris Rx in Aries: Fire, finally! Dragon’s ‘Breath of Fire’ perhaps? The element of fire represents our ability to CREATE via Spirit – inSPIRation – to be inspired or IN SPIRIT. Uranus brings Unexpected Change and Innovation out of the blue (those bright ideas, insights, circumstances) AND Eris, our newest planet, brings gender-role re-balancing. Both Rx, therefore inward change (think earthquakes or lightening strikes of change deep within) of HOW we express our true self-identity (Aries) no matter our gender (Eris). No more traditional ROLES as we DO and BE our service in the world and beyond.
  • Mars AND Venus Rx in Leo: Now how cool is this? The male (Mars) AND female (Venus) representations of our Outer Male self (Mars Direct motion) AND Inner Female self (Venus Rx) coming together to create an AND. Heartfully (Leo fire) marrying how we take Action (Mars) out in the world in response to our Desire Body’s (Venus) ability to ‘hear’ ‘see’ ‘listen’ to the Intuitive Insights from our Higher Self’s Wisdom as to what direction, or next step, our Soul wishes us to make and take! Please note: BOTH men and women are being asked to embrace their respective Inner Feminine/Masculine selves AND work with BOTH as ONE for now on. We truly are all ONE – and always have been. The separation that WAS continues to end as we paint the Rainbow to bridge this gap that has been holding us in opposing camps for far too long.
1st QTR Red Moon Aug 24, 2015

1st QTR Red Moon Aug 24, 2015

Where there’s smoke, there is Fire. Hence the smoke haze AND two pairs of planets within Fire signs. AND we also have a Grand Trine (or triangle) in Fire signs that has slowly created itself as the Moon has waxed to this Full Moon phase we see today. More Fire – more smoke and mirrors.

What are we reflecting or mirroring (Libra) within and without with others? How have we been deluding ourselves with illusions of the past (Pisces)? What IS our true self-identity (Aries) now that our previous work (Virgo) is no more? What are we now creating (Leo)? AND AND AND – perfecting the new processes (Virgo) AND connecting to, and listening for, our Intuitive Insights (Pisces).  As the Old falls away, dying within the forest fires, the Phoenix Rises out of those ashes ANEW! BE that Phoenix – know you are Eternal, you do renew yourself over and over and over. Always, in All Ways.

Almost Full Moon Aug 2015

Almost Full Moon Aug 2015

TIME has also shifted this week, from the 1st QTR Moon phase in Scorpio into the Gibbous Moon phase in Capricorn. We are In Divine Timing, On Time, IN REAL TIME (now!) AND Before Time. How we use Time (Capricorn) and shape-shift it (Scorpio) to serve (Virgo) our Higher Purpose (Jupiter and Pisces) is up to each of us. [Ask for the necessary resources to be put in place ‘Before Time’ to prevent time lag]! Coming from your Soul-Heart (Sun rules Leo) honestly, truthfully, faithfully and endlessly. BE re-PURPOSED, now, On Purpose, and With Purpose.

Blessed BE!

Post Written By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker & Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff of this week’s Fiery red and Gibbous Moon!

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