Reveals the "pot of gold" Within YOUR Planetary Cycles


New Moon / Solar Eclipse September 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse September 2015

What do you wish for these days? Winning the lottery, becoming financially free in order to BE all you have ever desired? Why does our Western culture revert to thoughts of “if I were a rich man…” as Tevia soulfully and sadly sang in the musical, Fiddler on the Roof? Denying where you ARE, now, because the now reality isn’t reflecting where your logic brain expected you to be? What’s missing between the wishes and the now reality anyway?

As humans evolved through the centuries we were caught within that political and economic web of doing what others expect us to do, and BE, rather than listen to our own hearts and follow intuitively our Soul’s intended path. There have been key players along the way signalling soulful change for the masses, yet they seem like blips on the radar screen for their lasting impact. And this may be WHY soulful changes go unrecognized as triumphs or accomplishments – because they aren’t tangible or seen by anyone outside of the soul/human who experiences them.

Astrology is one of those tools personal growth seekers use to reconnect with themselves on the inside, to create change in focus from what the outside world wants of them to what I WANT FROM ME, FOR ME, for now on. People have argued with me that Astrology is soothsaying, fortune-telling nonsense, or just another religion (this one surprised me) that wants to control what and when you do things! NOT. AT. ALL.

For me and my life, Astrology has revealed to me all the layers of denial and Ego SHADOW I had been living under, and how I had bought into others’ expectations of how I should live my own life. Question: what does “live your own life” mean to you? Really, what does this phrase mean?

I become excited every time I have a new client come to me for a reading. I am hired to peel away some of the fairy-tale flotsam to reveal, piece by piece, who my client truly is, the destined structured path their Soul decided to experience this lifetime, in this space and time. Throughout the reading the client ‘sees’ how true their own path has been so far this lifetime. No matter how old you are when you first experience a true Astrology reading, I guarantee it will blow your mind – I will show you, via your planetary cycles, where key life-changing moments occurred which in turn brought new decisions and therefore new change into your life.

This is not to say that all life-changing moments are wonderful and joyful! Many of them drag our Ego-selves kicking and screaming desperately in denial to NOT embrace the change that is necessary. I love Astrology because it is ALWAYS on Time, in Divine Timing, not when our Ego-self demands it to happen. I too experience frustration and expectation, whereby my Ego-self WANTS what it wants, NOW. In other words, Astrology SHOWS both sides of our human coin: the Shadow side (Ego) AND the Light side (Soul) and how well we are BLENDING (or ignoring) the two, mastering the Ego (Shadow) in favour of the Soul’s leadership, from the heart and love.

What’s the “pot of gold” in all of this? Your ability to ‘see’ through the illusion and chaos to what is right and true for YOUR life, to look within yourself, listen to your body, your feelings and hear your intuitive insights, then follow through with Soulful action. And do this again, and again, and again.

Time, and planetary timing via their cycles, bring people and events into your conscious awareness, into the NOW, to CHOOSE whether you are walking more of the path of your Ego-self or the path of your Soul-self. Plain and simple. We need BOTH worlds – so how do we create an “AND” world now? I see my Ego’s resistance AND I choose to move forward, walking through my fears into the world of love and joy, more and more, step by baby step.

In my first blog of Rainbows and Astrology, I did mention that science split off from its spiritual roots, Astrology, back in the 1600’s. We did also, as humans. The events and planetary formations ever since have all been in aid of we humans remembering, understanding and returning to our Divine Spiritual eternal Souls that we have ALWAYS been. The Ancients knew about the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn because they could see these luminaries/planets with the naked eye.

Within the last 200-300 years the outermost planets and feminine asteroids have been discovered, announcing the collective human consciousness is now willing to embrace new inner change. Then Chiron (The Rainbow Bridge) was discovered in 1977, bridging the gap between our mundane world and the Spiritual world, causing us to consciously embrace the idea of BEing Spiritual eternal Souls, to heal the wound of Spiritual Separation once and for all.

Since 2000, more planets have been discovered which double and then some what we have known our Solar System to be. As Above So Below. As Within, So Without. As the consciousness of who we truly ARE deepens and widens within, so too does our heartfelt compassion and unconditional love expand outward into the world around us. We are energetically connecting higher and wider than ever before. As our Spirits rise and we love self and others far more and easily, so too do the lives we live seem more fulfilling with much ease and grace.

Look into your ‘pot of gold’ and SEE yourself more clearly via Astrology. YOU are the gold! How do you want your GOLD to move forth within you and outside of you? Do you know?

Contact:  Laurie Rae Rezanoff – Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer,

Teacher of Astrology, Writer, Speaker and Facilitator

1 (587) 353-8085 in Calgary, AB Canada

RainbowsAstro at via email


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